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Version - Release notes


- Added support for more formats in video plugin

- Audio and video drivers are always visible in VC clients



- New drivers (to update please select Settings -> Drivers -> Update Drivers)

- Updated signing certificates

- Updated translations



New major release:

Hub features

- Turn any webcam into a Wireless camera (with full AV support)

- Up to 6 concurrent presenters

- Up to 150 participants per room

- Quality parameters selection

Desktop and mobile apps

- Smoother presentation on Windows (8 and 10) and MacOS

- Consistent experience between mobile and desktop clients

- Powerful auto-search and room list filter

- New single file setup with launch/install option, without the need for admin rights

- Easier driver installation (from within the app at any time, with admin rights)



- fixed quality and resize bugs in when presenting from iOS and Android devices



- better integration with MacOX 10.14 Mojave

- fixed bug with pausing/resuming presentations

- fixed bug with external peripherals



- added support for 3 new languages: French, German, Italian

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