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Release notes history: 

Version 4.0

New Android release for compatibility with Huddle Hub firmware 4.0.

- New: Annotation feature

- New: Whiteboard feature

- New: Auditorium mode with USB input broadcasted to up to 150 participants

- Improved: Huddle, Meeting, Auditorium modes available for all units

IMPORTANT: Version 4.0 unifies all existing Huddle Hub One SRE (Single Room Edition) and Huddle Hub One MRE (Multi Room Edition) units into a single Huddle Hub product. This update can only be installed manually. Please read Updating from firmware version 3.3 to version 4.0 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Android version 4.0 is also backward compatible with version 3.3



- New major release 

- support for large Android tablets

- new "TV-mode" on Android tablets

- improved compatibility with Android 9

- fixed audio issue on AndroidTV


Version 3.0

-  New Web Client (present and receive directly from the browser, no app installation required)

-  Increased number of Smart Rooms (3 additional virtual rooms, for a total of 1+6 rooms)

-  New "operating mode" setting (huddle room / meeting room / auditorium)

-  Improved presentation quality

-  Improved Wireless Camera features

-  Improved Wireless Camera devices compatibility

-  Full support for personal rooms

-  Mic/speakers settable sound level

-  Improved USB 2.0/3.0 compatibility 

-  New web admin and management system



- Support for “Personal Rooms”, rooms that are always reserved for users or users groups

- Welcome Screen on Android TV

- Launch-on-boot option on Android TV

- Bug fixes



New major release:

- New app interface

- Improved quality and layout of presentations on HDMI TV

- New auto-search and room list filter

- New app settings

- Bug fixes



- fixed quality and resize bugs in when presenting from iOS and Android devices

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