From version 3.3 onwards, you don't need to install the full Huddle Hub App to use the Wireless USB feature. 

Only the installation of the Huddle Hub Drivers package is required.


1. Choose a download method:

- From HRT website: navigate to and select either Windows Driver or MacOS Driver

- From Huddle Hub: navigate to the Hub IP address, click the 3-dots Menu -> Apps, and select either Windows Driver or MacOS Driver

2. After downloading the file, launch the installer and complete the setup. You will see a "Wireless USB" icon in the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (MacOS):


1. Navigate to the Hub IP address, and connect to the room that has USB device(s) - camera and speakerphone - connected.

After starting the session, you will see a blue "Wireless USB" icon at the bottom-right of the page. Clicking the icon will confirm that the drivers are active. The system tray icon will turn blue as well.

2. Open your favorite VC client (Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc.) and select Huddle Hub as the source for Camera, Speakers, and Microphone: