Please note: It's perfectly normal to have latency and/or out of sync when sending a presentation to the HDMI TV and using laptop speakers. By design, the audio and video are synchronized on the receiver, that is, between the stream received on the HDMI TV and the speakers connected to Huddle Hub (or the same HDMI TV).

General technical reasons

When presenting, the sync between audio and video can be affected by a few conditions:

- Network and bandwidth constraints

- Other applications on the presenting computer using CPU / GPU resources

Under these circumstances, the presentation can start already not synchronized, or lose the sync during the session.

Windows computers

On Windows PCs and laptops, the main reason is a CPU or GPU stress on the computer sending the presentation:

- When presenting from the Windows App: when the GPU is stressed, the video can be late
- When presenting from the Browser + Drivers: when the CPU is stressed, the audio can be late


1. Please check that the network is not limited in bandwidth, and that the wifi connection is good and stable. A network analyzing tool can help to assess the overall conditions 

2. Make sure the presenting computer meets the minimum hardware and software requirements (see here)

3. Make sure that the presenting computer doesn't have foreground or background applications and processes that heavily use the computer CPU and GPU

4. When the presentation is out of sync, please Stop and resume (Play) to resync