Some indications to ensure the best WiFi operation when using the Huddle Hub internal access point:

- Tighten the HHO+ antennas, put them in vertical position, place the HHO+ far from “WiFi obstacles”

- Select the right country and choose the 5Ghz WiFi band

- The 5Ghz radio range is one room, about 5m radius

- Turn on the ac protocol and select a free channel

- Use a survey system for evaluating the situation of the WiFi environment.
A common WiFi Analyzer free software is enough to find a free 5Ghz WiFi channel


- Leave auto for the channel width (turn to 40 in case of compatibility problem)

- Use iPerf3 (WiFiPerf) to evaluate the stability of the connection and the available bandwidth.
For this you must configure the HHO+ WiFi unchecking the Client Isolation, then you must connect two devices to the HHO+ WiFi, for example, one Windows and one tablet, both running WiFiPerf